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Button Pin Display Frame

Hey guys! I am back with another cool way to display your button collection.  This time I am going for more a vintage look and I love how the idea come to life. 


Things that you need:

1. Frame ( Hobby Lobby clearance for $7)
2. Plastic Mesh.  Can be found at any craft store in the needlepoint section
3.  Glue Gun
4. Scissors
5. Sharpie
6.  Buttons! (of course) 



1.Place the mesh on the back of the frame to trace out the shape of the frame with a sharpie.  


Button Pin Display

2. Cut it out.  Cut a little outside of the trace line to give yourself room to glue the mesh to the frame.

button pin display

*Tip* Attach the buttons to the mesh before glueing it to the frame.  Don't close the pin backs, this makes it easier to switch the pins out in the future.

3. Glue the mesh to the frame.

button pin display

4. Display!


Need extra buttons? Click here to purchase a few random grab bags to up your collection.  

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