My Life Is A Tyler Perry Wig

Ok so here is the story. 
A few years ago I was asked to be in WIRED magazine for work. (I work at NASA). Super cool experience. Dan Winters was the photographer, he told me all about his talks with Barack, Mr Rogers, and TuPac. 

Well fast forward like almost a year later. 
My manager comes into the office with the mail and hands me an envelope. The envelope was already opened/pre screened ( government precautions) and I am like... who is sending me mail. 

The outside of the envelope is a man's name and the address is a prison facility about 3 hours from Houston.  On the back of the envelope the guy had written out the names of the Black girls who had died in the 16th street church bombing in the 60s. PAUSE

So now I am shook.  Inside was a 12 page love letter with magazine cut outs. Apparently this man could see into my soul. (His words not mine)

Now I am in my managers's office, because White men sending me letters from prison with the bold reference of racist killings is serious.  We make photo copies of the letter and take the original to the security office.

The officers locate the guys prison record. IT.WAS.LONG. Imagine sitting in this small security shack and the printer behind you is spitting out a ream long prison record. 

Then the officers asked me if I knew anyone in prison. I decided against telling them about Pookey who used to flip bricks outside the school parking lot. I think Pookey had turned his life around so it was irrelevant at the time. 

Long story not so short. The guy was contacted and told to never contact me again. Periodically I would still go down to the mail box to check.

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